Price List

Action Driver Training has a range of lesson packages to help you learn to drive and become a better driver. We teach practical skills as well as techniques to help you be more capable behind the wheel.
Our advanced and defensive driving lessons can teach you how to avoid hazards when you're on the road. We have an excellent pass rate for Learner drivers who are endeavouring to get their driver's licence. We can teach mature-age clients to handle a vehicle with ease.

Gain confidence on the road with one of our Action Driver Training courses. Call us to discuss which lessons or lesson packages are right for you.
Lesson Pricing (effective 1st January 2019)
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
3 x 1 Hour Lesson Package
5 x 1 Hour Lesson Package
10 x 1 Hour Lesson Package
Test - 1 Hour Pre-Test lesson + Test