Ian Turner and his instructors have taught many happy clients, who are confident recommending the skills of the Action Driver Training team.



Ian from Action Driver Training is the best trainer. Helped me learn a lot in a small amount of time. I would recommend Ian to other customers.

- Taylor Emblin, Noosa
Action Driver Training has helped me so much to learn to rules of the road and with Ian's calm way of teaching I was able to take in everything which helped me pass!!

- Alexa Brandes, Peregian
I thought that the help from Ian was great. He is chatty but straight to the point. He keeps you calm yet focused and is an all-round great instructor. THANKS A MILLION!

- Jackson Ross-Norris, Cooroibah
Ian is a great instructor. He is very calm and supportive and helped me a lot. NO CROSSES!

- Eden Carroll, Noosaville
Excellent driver trainer. Gives good feedback and boosts confidence.

- Jake Hawkins, Cooroibah
Thank you! Action Driver Training can't be recommended highly enough! Each lesson was extremely motivating and rewarding and I am now more confident with a manual car than I thought would ever be possible. Ian's expertise and guidance was what made this experience an enjoyable one and I have no doubt that what he has taught me will follow me on the roads, safely, far into the future.

- Chanel Irvine, Sunshine Beach
Definitely the best driving school I have used. Very helpful and great training. Thanks Ian.

- Kyle Mallett, Noosaville
Great instructor! Always explains instructions clearly and always makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommended.Great trainer, very kind. I felt very comfortable driving with you. Would recommend you to everyone! You helped me get my licence - yay!! Thank you!!

- Ruby Wolff, Tewantin
Great instructor! Always explains instructions clearly and always makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommended.

- Tessa Russell, Sunshine Beach
Ian is the reason that I have my P's. He is by far one of the kindest, calmest and nicest people I've ever met. I really can't express my gratitude.

- Cody Gibson, Sunrise Beach
Ian allows all drivers to remain calm and teaches great techniques!! The service is brilliant and there's a reason his pass rate is 90%. THANK YOU.

- Lily Symons, Tewantin
Ian was a wonderful driving instructor who gave me great support in learning to drive. His kind and calm nature made me feel confident and at ease. Thank you!

- Gabi Barnett, Noosa
A very great teacher! Lovely to talk to and you got me a pass! Very helpful with everything. I'll miss you!

- Dakota Shalland, Noosaville
Training with Ian was always fun and I learnt more than I'd imagine. I passed first go and I owe it all to this amazing instructor.

- Amy
Thank you so much. Without your lessons and help I wouldn't be able to pass. Thanks again!!!

- Tessa Cantori, Noosaville
Thank you for all your help. I could never have passed without you! No more bus's for me! Yay!

- Kimberley May, Peregian Beach
Ian - I recommend him to anyone. He is confident, polite and the most nicest driver trainer supervisor anyone could get. I'm telling everyone about Ian - only two crosses

- Jessica Barrett, Sunrise Beach
Ian is very helpful in all areas. So calm and nice that you don't stress out. Thank heaps

- Teneale Jeffrey, Noosaville
Ian was easy going and chilled! Made me feel at ease. Willing to do lessons even on weekends!

- Jacob Thompson
Ian is a fantastic driving instructor and person. He doesn't only teach you to pass the test, he teaches you patience and courtesy on the road. The more drivers taught by Ian on the road, the safer the roads will be.

- Nick Chizzoni, Peregian Beach
Excellent teacher. Learnt a lot and so grateful. Wonderful communication, also friendly - one cross only.

- Marteeka Warner, Sunrise Beach
Thought it was very good and I passed first go.

- Adam Grady, Cooroy
Thank you very much for everything. You are such a great driving instructor. I don't think I could have done it without Ian Turner. Such a great experience. I passed the test for the first exam. Again, thank you Action Driver Training (Ian Turner). I will definitely recommend to my friends and workmates.

- Estrella Doggett, Noosaville
I'm very happy and pleased with my experience with Action Driver Training. I learnt a lot and Ian made driving fun and I feel comfortable driving solo on the road.

- Lisa Parfitt, Doonan
Only one cross! Very helpful -so glad we chose you! I'll see you on the road!!

- Patrick Matters, Noosa
Really good - taught me how to park easily. Lots of tricks that will help me in the future. Best driving instructor.

- Jordan Healy, Coolum
Personally, I don't think I could have had a more perfect driving instructor and you will be recommended to all of my friends.

- Matt Morris, Sunrise Beach
Ian, you are a great driving instructor and you are nice and didn't get angry when I did a mistake, but took me through it to see what I did wrong! Thank you!

- Chris Brent, Doonan
You have helped me a lot and thank you so much for helping me pass.

- Jasmine Walker, Sunrise Beach
Absolutely great. Can't believe I passed first go with the shakes and having to use a different car. Just can't believe it. Thank you!

- Rebecca Cunliffe, Noosa
Really good at providing the correct assistance for learning manoeuvres and a pleasant person to drive with.

- Emily Lovett, Pomona
Ian's a nice bloke, really flexible with hours and changing days - easy to get along with and is always giving tips and pointers. I would recommend giving him a call.

- Tom Harris, Tewantin
Great service. I learnt a lot in the short time I spent with Action Driver Training. I am so thankful for the service, help and care I received - ONLY ONE CROSS.

- Shannon Pilkington, Castaways
Ian is a fantastic driving instructor. I am very grateful to have had you to teach me to drive. Thank you for all your support and understanding throughout my driving experience. You're fantastic!!

- Tahli Ryder-Mitchell, Noosa
Very pleased with both cost and lesson. Great teacher.

- Emma Byrne, Noosa/Nambour
Ian was really great. I learnt heaps and he was extremely encouraging. He helped me learn to reverse park, even though I was terrible. Thank you.

- Kurravi Piggott, Kin Kin
Dear Ian - It was a pleasure having you to teach me to drive. Although I enjoyed my time with you, I am happy to never drive your car again. I promise I will be a safe driver for everone's sake. Thank you very much.

- Lily Read-Drake, Cooroy
Ian is a very calm trainer. I must say he is the best in Queensland. I have not driven for the last four years, but he made me confident to drive and I got my licence after five lessons. Thank you so much Ian.

- Sukhchain Singh, Noosa Heads
I have no complaints - very good teaching. Thank you!

- Jaymi-Lee, Noosa Heads
I had a really great experience. Without Ian I don't think I could have passed.

- Belle Glasgow, Coolum Beach
It was excellent. You're very nice, calm and you explain things easy. I would recommend you to my friends.

- Kirby Baxter, Tewantin
Very helpful and always relaxed. A legend!

- Django Thomas, Lake Macdonald
Hands down - the best driving school in Noosa! Made learning so easy as well as such a happy experience. Thank you so much Ian!!

- Holly Williams, Tewantin
Action is a great driving school for any type of driver. Could not think of a better driving teacher. So much fun to learn.

- Brittany Fitzgerald, Noosa Heads
Ian is a great driving instructor, great learning experience, helpful and really patient. Best of all no crosses on test. Would recommend him to anyone. Cheers, Ian.

- Connor Jones, Pomona
A wonderful service, very supportive, so much help. Thank you for everything.

- Rosie Waghorn, Sunrise Beach
Ian is a calm instructor and is good at explaining things and is a good guy.

- Jake Hickling
Ian, you are very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic. Your time and efforts are much appreciated. Thank you.

- Paris Bromfield, Sunrise Beach
Ian is a technically excellent driver and a naturally gifted teacher. I passed the test first time because he quickly identified what areas needed work and provided guidance to improving those areas. As such I am a confident and competent driver - Thanks Ian!

- Josh, Noosaville
Excellent driving teacher! Thank you!

- Melissa, Noosaville
You are a great driving instructor. Thank you for being so supportive throughout my driving experience!! I'm so glad we chose to go with Action Driver Training! Thanks so much!

- Jessica Terry, Tewantin
The training overall was really good. The lessons helped me to recognise road rules and put them into context. By driving possible routes for the driving test, I was far better prepared.

- Kate Evans, Tewantin
I think that Ian Turner is a great instructor and he helped me a lot!! I couldn't have done it without him. Many thanks!!

- Jack Alan Weeks/span>, Tewantin
- (NOTE FROM IAN: The examiner said that his was the best drive in a long time!)
Ian was a great instructor. He was easy to understand and made it very easy for me to learn. By the time I finished my lessons I was 100% sure I was going to pass. THANKS IAN !!!

- Joshua Ryley, Castaways Beach
Thank you so much for your patience Ian! If you're after an instructor with dedicated time for your results and a fun, no-pressure lesson - Ian is the man!

- Taela Emerton
Ian has been a fantastic teacher. I don't think I could have done it without him! Thanks a lot for all your help!

- Madeleine Bean, Marcoola
Ian, you're an amazing driver trainer, especially considering I almost killed you a few times. You always try your best to make yourself available, even on Australia Day! Can't thank you enough!!! Cheers.

- Stevi Everson, Castaways Beach
Ian's contribution to the success of obtaining my licence is beyond applaudable. His driving techniques are so clear that I mastered difficult manoeuvres I never thought I would. Ian isn't just an excellent driving teacher, his friendly personality made me look forward to attending my lessons and he will become your role model, mentor and friend.

- Sarah Eden, Marcus Beach
I was very impressed with my driving instructor. I credit 95% of my pass to him. Thank you Action Driving.

- Perry William Packard-KingPeregian Springs
A very good instructor - HATS OFF - been with Coastwide and Northshore. He is still the best - no point of comparison.

- Virginia Whatling, Peregian Beach
Absolutely fantastic time learning with Ian! The information you will gain is priceless.

- Jaime Cooke, Cooran
I thought Ian was great the way he has a happy but stern approach to the lessons. I found I learnt a great deal and think the way he teaches is very informative. (PS: I got two crosses)
- Michael Peterson, Weyba Downs
Great teaching techniques, very calm and patient, very friendly and kind attitude when giving feedback.
- Angela Bugajna, Tewantin
Ian is an awesome learner driver instructor. He's fun, stress free and there for you no matter how sketchy or dire the situation.

- Sophie Hellyer, Doonan
One of the best teachers ever! Anagrams really great idea!

- Tiffany O'Brien, Noosaville
Thank you so much for your help! Definitely would not have passed without you. You're great at what you do. I really appreciate what you've done.

- Demi, Tewantin
Some people are born to teach and Ian Turner is such a person. Always optimistic, always encouraging and packed with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve the "P". Success comes at different levels as well. Conquering nerves was my key success and Ian recognised that and helped me to visualise myself getting my "P"s. In my books, Ian Turner is a wonderful driving instructor.

- Zak Dowling, Sunrise Beach
Ian is an excellent driving instructor for young drivers. He's patient and full of tips and tricks that make remembering easier. Additionally he emphasises safety and works to build confidence. Thank you, Ian, for preparing Maddie for the road.

- Gwen Sands, Sunrise Beach
Ian is a fun driver. He helps you very much. It was a privilege driving with him. Thank you very much for helping me get my RED "P"'s. I will recommend you to others.

- Gemma Pateman, Tewantin
Awesome experience, NICEST MAN EVER! Very lucky to have gotten you as an instructor. Couldn't have done it without you.

- Annie Ryder, Cooroibah
I enjoyed how Ian corrected me immediately on my faults and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Sam Samphire, Sunrise Beach
Great helper - he is very friendly. I enjoyed how Ian corrected me immediately on my faults and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Jaidyn Gibbs
Very helpful, kind, easy to talk to, positive attitude, makes you feel good about your driving. Teaching is the best - cool guy.Great helper - he is very friendly. I enjoyed how Ian corrected me immediately on my faults and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Michael Murray, Tewantin
If you want to pass the driving test, then I highly recommend Ian as he is thorough, patient and overall makes your driving experience enjoyable! Thanks!

- Melissa Murray, Tewantin
Great! Makes you feel comfortable! Couldn't have passed without you! Thank you! See you on my manuals!

- Becky Ellaway, Sunrise Beach
Excellent driving instructor. Gives a lot of praise when it's due. Highly recommended! First time pass!

- Keely Dellit, Mount Coolum
I was very happy with the way Ian taught. He is very easy going which is relaxing instead of stressful. I would and plan to recommend Action Driver Training to everyone. THANK YOU for a great experience.

- Natasha-Amber Budden, Sunrise Beach
I wouldn't have passed my "P"s test if it wasn't for Ian and I can actually parallel park good now!

- Jack Hammon, Sunrise Beach
Great! Helped me out heaps. Gave me more confidence and more knowledge. Thanks Ian.

- Sam Rodgers, Noosa Waters
Everything I read on the website turned out to be true. Ian is a great instructor and a nice guy. I passed first time - thanks Ian.

- Lara Pugh, Tewantin
Ian, I passed! Your services have made a major difference to my driving. Thank you so much!

- Monique Pike, Eumundi
Ian was a really good instructor. He's regarded as a favourite - one and only in my book. I would recommend Ian to anyone. He really relaxed me and calmed me down when needed. He is great and an easy-going guy. Thank you.

- Kathryn Kessels, Tewantin
Ian is an amazing driving instructor. He is very clear and concise. He is also very positive and great at teaching and understanding what the driver is going through. There is no-one better!

- Jason Blamey, Castaways Beach
Very good - always felt comfortable in my driving and instructions.

- Rehanna Kibble, Sunrise Beach
NO CROSSES! Teaching the skills and manoeuvres that I needed to pass and help make my driving skills at their best. Always looking in the rear view mirror helped a lot. Cheers. Practising is the key.

- Jake Packard, Noosaville
Thank you so much for your driving lessons. They are definitely the best on the coast. Very good instructor. Thank you.

- Kane Templeton, Noosa Heads
I think Ian is a fantastic coach and the motivation and confidence was a big help towards getting my P's 1st time.

- Scott, Coolum
Thank you! Gave me the confidence to drive well and drive safely. Passed my test thanks to you.

- Caitlin Hultren, Doonan
Very informative and great teaching/patience. Thanks!

- Neil Alexander, Peregian Springs
Thank you. Without doing that lesson beforehand I would not have passed and on my first go! You were very encouraging and helped me calm down.

- Ella Evans, Noosaville
Ian is absolutely wonderful - best driving teacher. I will be highly recommending him to everyone - and have been. HE IS GREAT. Thanks heaps.

- Shannon Saxon, Tewantin
Fantastic instructor. Always has a positive attitude and gives clear instructions. Thank you Ian.

- Tarrant Lyle-Wilson, Tinbeewah
Absolutely fantastic lessons. I felt comfortable and nowhere near nervous. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you.

- Megan Richards, Peregian Springs
Ian - you are the best! Thank you so much. You made driving lessons so much fun and enjoyable whilst teaching me to be a safe and competent driver. I always looked forward to my lessons and will miss having them, so thank you.

- Elke Kahler, Noosa Heads
Thank you so much, Ian. I would not have passed if it weren't for your bubbly brilliant personality and your excellent precise learning techniques. I can't thank you enough!

- Emily Brauner, Tewantin
Very easy-going and understanding. Best driving instructor I've had by far.

- Cameron Jones, Peregian Springs
Thank you so much!! Ian is such an amazing teacher and person - I wouldn't have passed without him!

- Megan Rowley, Peregian
Loved Ian! He's one of the nicest guys. He's so easy to talk to and makes you feel so comfortable in the car. Thanks Ian. I passed first go - only a year and a bit late!

- Shannon Rafferty, Peregian Beach
I think that Ian helped me pass my test. If it wasn't for Ian's help I definitely would have failed. I met Ian two days before I sent for my test and in the first hour he made me a better driver.

- Luka Raubenheimer, Peregian Beach
Fantastic trainer. Great at making you feel comfortable when driving. Very thorough in what I needed to know. No stress with Ian.

- Tianie Lee Foster, Noosaville
Very encouraging, helpful comments. Lessons well structured - friendly, stress-free environment.

- Rebecca Jackson, Noosa
Great service. Very calm and comfortable to drive with - only one cross. Thank you.

- Elise Scott, Coolum Beach
Great driver trainer - great directions. Got my P's first time!! Thanks.

- Jason Skinner, Cooroibah
Excellent teacher - he was great - taught me so much about driving - life driving skills that I'm going to use for ever. Biggest Legend!. THANK YOU IAN.

- Izak Clifford, Marcus Beach
Very encouraging and helpful when learning to drive and understanding road rules.

- Kyle Finney, Coolum Beach
I'm highly satisfied with the result of my driving abilities and strongly feel that Action Driving has provided me with enough information about safe driving to enhance my confidence on the roads!

- Claudia Bowen, Noosaville
I think Ian is an excellent driver trainer. He gives clear instructions and is great at teaching road skills and manoeuvres. I would recommend Ian as a driver trainer.

- Tyson Muir, Noosa
Ian, first of all I can't describe how fantastic you are not only as a person, but a driver trainer as well. Thank you Ian so muchhhh.

- Kurtis Bristow, Noosaville
Fantastic teacher. Very patient and encouraging. Teaches in a way which is easy to pick up. Love jingles, M-I-S-T, etc.

- Jasmine Burrows, West End, Brisbane
Thank you very much Ian. Very knowledgeable and helpful with teaching me to drive.

- Finn McLellan, Peregian
Ian was a great driving instructor, very helpful. Would recommend him to my friends. Thank you.

- Mitch Campbell, Doonan
Ian is a very good instructor, very patient and has very clear instructions.

- Ashleigh Stubbings, Tewantin
Very enthusiastic - great teacher - made driving lessons fun and entertaining - recommend Ian to everyone - I will always remember his handy hints (M-I-S-T).

- Matilda Phillips, Mount Coolum
Amazing instructor - great communication - very positive attitude which made everything SO much easier - anyone will pass if IAN teaches you! Yahoo, he rocks.

- Tayla Anderson-Dougherty, Sunrise Beach
My driving lessons with Ian prepared me perfectly for my test. He helped me fix my steering problems and parallel park like a pro. Thank you so much for everything!!

- Chelsea Newing
Excellent support and encouragement. Clever reminders (S-T-O-P). Comfortable atmosphere.

- Meg Biggar, Noosaville
Awesome! Good teacher and heaps of thanks . Yewww!!!

- Tosh Togatia, Tewantin
Thanks Ian!! Without you I wouldn't have passed. Your patience, kindness and friendly attitude make learning to drive fun and enjoyable. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

- J Saxon, Tewantin
Very helpful and passed my test with ease thanks to Ian. He helped me learn everything I know and allows me now to drive safely and very well.

- Charlie McKill, Sunrise Beach
Great advice and very friendly! Thank you Ian.

- Tyler Baillie, Sunrise Beach
Ian is a great instructor. He is a top bloke with lots of knowledge on driving and all the road rules. I would recommend Ian to any L-plater.

- Jake Blackman, Cooroibah
I was very grateful to have such an enthusiastic teacher such as Ian. He really boosted my confidence on the road and showed me everything I needed to know to be a safe driver. THANKS IAN !!

- Connie Blunden, Doonan
Ian was a very good driving instructor! He helped me to calm down and pass my test first time! Thanks.

- Asha Treckar, Marcus Beach
Ian was very helpful for driving tips, particularly with reverse parking. Thank you so much Ian. I couldn't have passed without you.

- Jade Stubbs, Sunrise Beach
Very friendly and helpful. Made me feel comfortable and made it easy to follow directions.

- Madeleine Kelly, Cooran
Couldn't be more helpful, very professional, passed first time.

- Ky Koszta, Tewantin
Best driving instructor ever!!! Passed first time with only one cross - SO HAPPY. Thank you so much Ian.

- Gareth Meredith, Tewantin
Best driving instructor ever! Went to other driving instructors and didn't feel that they cared... but Ian showed me everything and explained things very clearly! Ian is also a very nice man and friend! - and... I passed first go! I had no faith in myself that I would pass first go, but Ian helped me so much and I got the confidence in myself!! Thank you so much Ian !!! I highly recommend Ian to everyone!!

- Jacinda Boundy, Pomona
Ian is lovely and prepared me for everything that was on my test. I passed first go. I am so happy. Thank you Ian so much!

- Georgina Pilling, Noosa
Ian is the BEST instructor on the planet! He is so patient and gentle! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, IAN! You're the best. Aye aye Captain!

- Juliette Ross, Tewantin
Had a ball! It was a great adventure. Learned a lot! Got a prize! Great trainer.

- Kristin Dillon Shallard, Noosa
ACTION DRIVER TRAINING is the most amazing driving school on the Sunshine Coast. Ian Turner did everything to help my driving and ensured that I would pass my test on the first go - and I did!!! THANK YOU! "YOU'RE AWESOME, IAN".

- Emma Kathryn Horn, Noosa
Ian is a friendly, helpful instructor who makes new drivers feel very at ease. As a result of his instruction and teaching I was able to pass my test first time.

- William Bell, Cooroy
I got my licence thanks to Ian.

- Dylan Martin, Pomona
These lessons gave me a lot of confidence and life lessons on the road, helping me become aware and improving my driving skills incredibly. I am very grateful and am proud to say I passed my P1 test the first time. Thank you!

- Jamila Opia, Coolum Beach
I thought Ian was a great help in learning to drive.

- Emmett Young, Queensland
Thank you, Ian, driver training session with you was a joy and you are a wonderful man - thanks heaps Ian.

- James Pocock, Coolum
Won 3rd try, but 1st with Ian - pass, pass, pass. Thanks for the positive thinking.

- Leann, Tewantin
Ian is a lovely driving instructor and I definitely have and will be recommending him to all my friends. Thank you Ian.

- Alana Lucarell, Sunrise Beach
You're great and polite. Patience is a hard quality to have, but you have it.

- Jake Hofman, Tewantin
Very supportive and encouraging.

- Lillie Page-War, Noosa
Excellent! Really put the 38, 48, 58 in my mind. S.T.O.P remembered made me really calm and relaxed! Great job.

- Crimson Dunstan, Tinbeerwah
Very good driving instructing. Everything was explained thoroughly which helped me a lot and you did famously by calming my nerves when driving. Thank you so much Ian.

- Alex Brent
Wonderful instructor!! Recommend to anybody - great confidence builder. Thanx so much!

- Kelly Wilson, Noosa Heads
Very nice and great teacher. Learnt a lot.

- Nelson Kahler, Eumundi
Great teacher. Great success. Top bloke!

- Ryan
Ian, thanks for all your help in developing me into a better driver. Your training was very thorough and you covered all the areas of the test. Not only that, you taught me skills for life.

- Lachlan Bycroft, Noosaville
Ian was a really nice bloke and I enjoyed all my lessons. Because I enjoyed my lessons I learnt a lot from him and passed first time.

- Elliot Rowley, Peregian Springs
Thank you so much for teaching me Ian. Very patient and understanding. I recommend Ian if you want to pass on your first go.

- James Ryan, Tewantin
Ian has been very instructive and helpful. Also very friendly and inspiring. Thank you for everything.

- Paige Davies, Peregian Beach
Ian was the most help I could have wished for. I don't think I would have succeeded without his help. He is the most comfortable driving instructor I have driven with and I didn't feel nervous once driving with him. 10/10. Thanks Ian.

- Ryan Hance, Yaroomba
Thank you for your support and confidence boosting. Without it I couldn't have achieved the skills to drive. Thank you.

- Christine Mottlee, Sunrise Beach
Ian is a wonderful instructor. He will make anyone an awesome driver. Best part, he makes learning fun.

- Kailey Wilson, Sunrise Beach
Very good teaching. Very well priced. Very happy. Thank you.

- Kristy West, Sunrise Beach
Ian was a great instructor, explained everything very well and made me feel very comfortable.

- Taya Gilliard, Tewantin
Best trainer, doesn't give up and constantly puts his faith in his students.

- Laine Simonds, Tewantin
Perfection and confidence created. Guaranteed pass.

- Jesse Mullen, Noosa Heads
Very nice bloke to drive with. Explains very clearly. Good easy car to drive. Passed first time.

- Ty Bibby
I was extremely comfortable driving with Ian. He prepared me so well, not only for the test, but for the rest of my life driving. All the manoeuvres and driving practices needed for the test were learnt very successfully and consistently, thanks to Ian.

- Skye Braby, Sunshine Beach
No crosses - Ian is the best driving instructor on the Sunshine Coast.

- Jordan Grabnar, Cooroibah
Ian, I thought you were the most encouraging person I have ever met and your driving and teaching skills are amazing. Thank you.

- Jack Sweeney, Tewantin
Action Driver Training was so helpful to me in building my confidence to drive. Through lessons with Ian I was able to focus on my driving weaknesses and afterwards feel 100% confident on the road.

- Elly Chalk, Doonan
I recommend Ian to anyone wanting to get experienced driver training. Because of Ian I passed my driving test on my first attempt after 38 years of driving on my L's. He helped me relax and focus on what has to be done. Thank you Ian.

- Louise Devenish, Sunshine Beach
Without Ian I could not have achieved my "P" plates. Ian believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. He is a fantastic teacher. I can't thank him enough. Any kid who is looking to learn to drive, there is no better teacher than Ian.

- Zack Mergoith, Sunrise Beach
He was a great instructor. Very friendly. He gave great advice which helped me greatly in passing my test and my general driving.

- Tavish Patterson, Sunrise Beach
Thanks Ian for excellent training and thanks for the constant encouragement on P's test overall. Thanks so much.

- Alexander Watts, Eumundi
We have come to know Ian as a very special individual who is dedicated to his students. He has been very punctual, thorough and supportive through the whole process of achieving our daughter's "P" plates. We recommend him highly.

- Michael Kalodyk, Noosaville
I found Ian's lessons very helpful and I'm pretty certain without his advice and patience I would not have passed.

- Lucy Cantori, Noosaville
You were always very supportive and never judgemental of skill or ability. You are kind and welcoming, making driving under your instruction a BREEZE.

- Madeline Murray, Noosa Outlook
Awesome! Great training and very flexible.

- Danni Poyner, Noosa Heads
Ian is a great instructor. He keeps you calm and collected. He will get you your licence if you listen and pay attention.

- Sam Hammond, Sunshine Beach
I have changed driving schools three times. Action is the best one for me. Ian has been very nice, patient and friendly. He is not only an instructor but also a friend for me. Thank you very much Ian. You have taught me how to drive safely and help me get my driver's licence at first time.

- Xiaoyi Liu, Cooroibah
Thank you so much! You are the greatest instructor in Noosa. You are awesome! Thank you for being so patient and giving me a chance of freedom.

- Rebecca Clarke, Marcus Beach
Thanks Ian for teaching me the tricks of the trade to learn to drive. Out of experience you are the best teacher and I've had a few in the past!

- Irina, Noosa Outlook
I would recommend Action Driver Training to anyone. I was very happy with the service and cannot thank you enough.

- Gemma Fulier, Peregian Springs
Ian - you are a great teacher and I couldn't have done it without you and all your encouragement. I'm legal and have permission to drive!

- Joanna Hanson, Peregian Beach
Ian is an inspirational trainer, making you always feel great, but not over confident. All about safety, but friendly.

- Chris Bland, Sunshine Beach
Thank you so much Ian. I couldn't have done it without you. You're the best!

- Ash Smart, Noosa
Ian is very kind and supportive. I recommend him to anyone wanting to pass their test and stay safe whilst driving for the rest of your life.

- Skylar Delphinus, Noosa
I am very happy with Ian as he is very patient and always pleasant and now I have successfully got my licence. He has taught me so much, thank you.

- Melinda, Noosaville
Ian is a very friendly and more importantly an excellent driving instructor. Not only did he help me pass my test, but he is a great friend. Thank you Ian.

- Kate Moglone, Castaways Beach
Ian's instructions and help with manoeuvres really assisted me in passing my test. I'm glad to have had Ian as a driving instructor.

- Drew Hedley, Cooroibah